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We at Capital Area Communications Strive to Provide Simply the BEST service in every project we do.



  • For 25 Years CAC continues to solve the current and future challenges of Federal, State and Local  agencies.

  • CAC has installed more than 500 sites in several municipalities throughout Pennsylvania. Our systems serve thousands of sworn officers and protect more than1 million citizens.

  • CAC’s employees have over 500 years of public safety and Government experience.


  • Public Safety  and security
  • Facilities and maintenance
  • DAS solutions enhancing Public Safety, Cellular and WIFI coverage
  • Enhance Safety and Security

  • Bus Fleet Tracking and Management

  • In-Building solutions including  DAS installations.

  • Improve Public Safety communications between First Responders and Administration Staff


  • Transportation and logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities


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